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Learn how to be a skilled barber The art of shaving and styling

Ways and forms of haircuts and hairdressing, and learn how to style your hair through this video.

Learn haircuts and how to shave your hair, your son’s hair, or your brother’s hair.

It is a skill that is required in every home on earth.

Money, which will make you satisfied with this work and not looking for another job opportunity, as it is a profitable business.

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Hairstyles and styles Barbering is an ancient profession.

Moses was found among the remains
of the Bronze Age. He ordered his soldiers to shave regularly, so that the enemies could not hold their beards.

The Egyptians developed equipment to beautify the face and hair, and the barbers' shops in Rome and Athens were places for discussion and spreading rumors.

Rossini made Barber
Figaro a distinct character in his play The Barber of Seville.

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Learn how to be a skilled barber | The art of shaving and styling
Hairdressers' holiday is on Monday of every week, which is a tradition in Europe where the holiday system is on Saturday and Sunday of every week.

Mondays were chosen by hairdressers so that customers would not be lost on weekends, on Saturdays and Sundays, and it was customary for Monday to be the day off for

hairdressers, due to the difficulty of having someone who wants to do hairdressing at the beginning of the week.

The barber is the one who cuts or straightens the hair, and shaves or trims

the beard. In the past, the barbers used to perform the work of the surgeon, and the two professions were separated in England by a general decree.

This decree prevented the barbers performing surgery from performing any surgery except for despair or the extraction of the tooth. The decision also prevented surgeons from practicing the profession of barber.

This law remained in force until 1745 AD.
barber profession

The emblem of the barber profession is still widely preserved in Europe and is in the form of a column with red and white ribbons wrapped in a spiral.

These tapes represent the bandage that the barber wrapped on the patient after the phlebotomy.

barber profession Hairstyles and styles
My hair care Learn the art of shaving and styling

Taking care of my hair Learn the art of shaving and styling | Come and learn this skill easy hairstyles

barber profession Hairstyles and styles

طرق وأشكال حلاقة الشعر وتصفيف الشعر وتعلم كيف تصفف شعرك من خلال هذا الفيديو تعلم

حلاقة الشعر وكيف تحلق شعرك او شعر ابنك او شعر اخوك فهي مهاره تلزم كل بيت علي وجه الأرض فإذا كنت مهتم بهذه المهاره فمن الممكن أن تكون

عملك الخاص والذي سيدر عليك الكثير من المال والتي ستجعلك تكتفي بهذا العمل ولا تبحث عن فرصة عمل غيرها فهي من الأعمال المربحه.

إذا أجبك الفيديو لا تحرمني من الليك بالفيديو وإبداء رأيك في تعليق أسفل الفيديو والإشتراك في القناه
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