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Watch and learn how to fill the magazines of machine guns and individual weapons

This article is about the feeding mechanism. For the wearable belt with loops for inserting ammunition cartridges, see bandolier. For the term "belt" as applied to cartridges, see rim (firearms) and belted magnum.

An ammunition belt is a firearm device used to package and feed cartridges, typically for rapid-firing automatic weapons such as machine guns.

Belt-fed systems minimize the proportional weight of the ammunition apparatus to the entire weapon system, and allow high rates of continuous fire without needing frequent magazine changes.

The capacity of belts and associated belt containers is typically a function of weight and bulk, and their size is limited by caliber and the combined portability of the weapon and ammunition.

The most common ammo capacity typically carried on a man-portable weapon system vary from 50 to 300 rounds.
Feed strip

The "feed strip" (also referred to as an "ammo strip" or "feed tray") was initially designed in 1895, based on initial designs by Captain Baron Adolf Odkolek von Ujezda of Vienna, Austria.

A feed strip is a simple rigid metal (usually steel or brass) tray with typically 24 to 30 cartridges crimped together into a row.

The feed strip is loaded into the side of the gun and as the cartridges are stripped off and fired from the weapon, the tray gradually moves to the other side until it falls out when it is empty, whereupon a new one is inserted.

In this regard, it is similar to an En-bloc clip.

The "feed strip" loading system was pioneered by the Hotchkiss machine gun designs, most notably the Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun.

The Hotchkiss guns were used by major militaries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and the French throughout the duration of the first World War and slightly afterwards.

However, the feed strip mechanisms lived on through other militaries, most notably the Italian-designed Breda M37 and the Japanese-designed Type 3 and Type 92 machine guns, which were used up until the end of the Second World War.
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Watch and learn how to fill individual weapons stores and machine gun belts
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