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Watch how after slaughtering it it produced thick blood and made a loud sound

Cows or cows, singularly the cow, a ruminant mammal, which was originally found in nature, wildly loose, and was domesticated for a long time, and was used for various purposes, from cart and plow pulling, to turning the mill, milling, and running the waterwheel, and to benefit from its meat, milk and skin.

Al-Baqara is the name of the cow genus from Ahli and Al-Wahshi, it is for the masculine and the feminine and falls on the male and the female, but the distraction entered it as one of the genus and plural cows and their youngest is known as the calf and resembles the buffalo animal, but it differs in color and size. from animals.

Watch scene Calves animals Blood sounds noise

The cow is sacred to the Hindus, and the cow was mentioned in the Abrahamic religions, so its story is well known with the Prophet Moses
and the Children of Israel.

Watch how, after slaughtering it, it produced thick blood and made a
loud sound.

Because of the importance of cows in providing milk, meat and hides, countries in general have taken to raising them and paying attention to their reproduction according to calculated and specific systems.

There is a disease that has affected cows in recent years, known as mad cow disease, and it has receded now.

Cows come in many colours, including brown, black, white, yellow, and a mixture of these colours. As for the cow mentioned in the story of the Prophet of God, Moses, its color was bright yellow.

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