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Watch the great and wonderful scene Animal meat moves after slaughter

 See a great scene

Slaughtering cows, calves, buffaloes and sheep from animals to sacrifice for the sake of God Almighty

Animals are created for this very purpose, which is to feed people and satisfy their hunger

There is a method of slaughter that must be adhered to when slaughtering each carcass so that it becomes fit or halal to eat according to Islamic law.

The term “halal” or “sacrificial” may mean meat only in places where Muslim minorities are present, but the rules of food in Islam are not limited to the method of slaughtering meat only.

It is also necessary to be kind to animals, for example, just as not all animals are permissible for feeding, and neither is all food (for example, wine).

The word halal in Arabic means what is permissible and the opposite of it is forbidden, and there is a similar word for it, which is koshrut in Hebrew, which Jews use to denote food that conforms to the rules of the Jewish religion and usually denotes meat.

Meat moves after slaughter.

There are some minor differences between Islamic sects about the method, but the main principles of slaughter are agreed upon by all Muslims.

Where it must first be named on it (i.e. mentioning the name of God over it), and this is a legal duty according to God’s saying

(and do not eat that on which the name of God is not mentioned) verse (121) of Surat Al-An’am.

Among the conditions of lawful slaughter that the slaughterer must abide by:
The capacity of the slaughterer, he could be a man or a woman

Pronouncing the basmalah before slaughtering
Slaughter with a sharp instrument

Cut the throat, esophagus and jugular veins that fall into the neck of the animal from the side of the throat

In this way, it gives a chance for the blood to flow out, so that healthy and pure meat can be obtained.

The Twelver Shi'ite doctrine adds two details to two of the conditions for slaughter:
The slaughterer must be a Muslim.

Slaughter blade must be made of iron, stainless steel does not suffice for the presence of a layer covering the iron.

There is a difference between the Islamic sects about the sacrifices that are slaughtered by those slaughtered by the People of the Book (Christ and the Jews).

While most Sunni sects view the ornaments of these sacrifices, the Shiite sect sees the opposite.

The difference lies in the interpretation of the verse {And the food of those who were given the Book is lawful for you, and your food is lawful for them} (Al-Ma’idah: 5).

Where the Sunni doctrine sees the inclusion of the verse for all types of food except for what is

stipulated in the Qur’an or hadith, while the Shiite doctrine sees that what is meant by food is everything that is eaten without meat, such as grain and dairy.

Watch the great and wonderful scene || Animal meat moves after slaughter
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