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Watch the correct position to breastfeed the baby Comfortable conditions

Comfortable breastfeeding positions

Breastfeeding - while being one of the most instinctive actions of a woman - takes practice.

Knowing how to hold your baby in a comfortable position
requires a lot of coordination and patience..

Moreover, choosing a feeding position that works for you and your baby is worth the effort, as you will spend several hours together feeding each day..

Here are some positions that have proven to be effective over time, and a set of tips to help facilitate breastfeeding.

Watch the correct position to breastfeed the baby
Comfortable conditions
Cradle hold position

This is the classic breastfeeding position that requires you to hold your baby's head in the crook of your arm .

Sit in a stool with supportive armrests or on a bed with plenty of cushions and rest your feet on an ottoman, coffee table, or other elevated surface to avoid bending toward your child.

Put your baby in your lap ( or on a pillow in your lap ) so that your baby is lying on her side with her face, tummy and knees facing you directly, and you can bend her arm below your arm.

If the baby is feeding from the right breast, rest her head in the crease of your right arm.

With the extension of your forearm and hand under her back to support her neck, spine and seat . You should also fix her knees towards your body, whether in front of or under your left breast, so that she is lying in a horizontal position or tilted at a slight angle..

Ideal situation for the following situations: The cradle hold is often suitable for babies born naturally at their proper time .

Some mothers say that this grip makes it difficult to guide their baby's mouth towards the nipple, so you may prefer to choose this position when the muscles in your baby's neck become stronger after the first month .

As for mothers who underwent a caesarean section, this situation may cause great pressure on their stomachs.

Watch the correct position to breastfeed the baby
Comfortable conditions

How To Calm A Crying Baby - Dr. Robert Hamilton Demonstrates "The Hold" (Official)

Cross grip position

It is also called the cross cradle hold. This position differs from the cradle hold in that you do not rest your baby's head on the crook of your arm, but switch roles in your arms..

If you are breastfeeding your baby from your right breast, you use your left arm and hand to hold your baby while turning his body so that his chest and stomach are directly facing you, and you can point his mouth at your breast by placing your thumb and the rest of your fingers behind his head and under his ears.
Ideal situation for the following situations: This position is suitable for small children and infants with latching difficulties.

Watch the correct position to breastfeed the baby
tilt mode

This position is suitable for breastfeeding while you are lying on your side in bed. Ask your husband or someone to help you put several pillows behind your back for you to lean on. You can also put one pillow under your head and shoulders and another between your bent knees as well. The aim is to keep your back and waist straight..

Place your baby facing you and close to you and then hug his head with your arm on the bottom side or hug his head with your arm on the top side with your bottom arm tucked away under your head and away from him.

In the event that your child needs to rise a little or close to your breast, put a pillow or a folded blanket under his head. It is assumed that your child does not pull himself to reach your nipple or bend down towards him, and you may have to raise your breast with your fingers from the bottom so that he can reach it without trouble.

Ideal situation for the following situations: This position is suitable for lying down feeding if you are recovering from a C-section, have had a difficult labour, are not resting in a sitting position, or are breast feeding day or night..


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