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weird Glory be to Allah chicken embryo Embryo Development

weird Glory be to Allah || chicken embryo Embryo Development
What's inside chicken eggs?

Embryo Development (भ्रूणिय विकास )
Chicken embryo development stages
Before the egg One day before the egg is laid, the egg is fertilized by the union

of the egg with the sperm, and the single-celled embryo begins to grow as the cell divides into four cells and then, and so on, and so on,

the laying of the egg, the germ cells gather, and at the time the cell division stops, and it is worth noting that It is installed in the incubator.

Day One Shortly after the egg is laid, a primitive streak is formed from which the head and spine later develop, then the rudimentary digestive system begins to appear, and the blood pools develop into an eye.

The second day, blood groups begin to link together and form a vascular system,

at the same time the heart is formed elsewhere, and after 44 hours of laying the egg, the heart unites with the vascular systems and begins to beat.
The third and fourth day

The beak grows and the limbs begin to appear by the end of the third day, and on the fourth day the mouth, tongue and nose begin to appear,

and other internal organs continue to develop, and at the end of the fourth day the fetus possesses all the organs necessary to sustain life after hatching.

Twenty-first day After completing twenty-one days, the chick begins to peck the egg and push its head out and breathe from its lungs, and continues to remove the upper part of the egg and then kicks the lower part of it.

chicken embryo
Chicken Embryo Development
Embryo Development (भ्रूणिय विकास )

It may take 4 to 12 hours for hatching to occur before the wet, exhausted, and still chick is completely detached from the shell, but after a few hours the chick dries out and becomes active.

Chicken embryo membranes The embryo consists of four main membranes, which are chicken embryo
weird Glory be to Allah
What's inside chicken eggs?

Yolk sac: It is a food source for the fetus, and when the chick hatches, it withdraws the rest of the food material in the yolk sac to its stomach to feed on it in its first days. Amniotic

sac: It is a fluid-filled sac in which the fetus floats, protecting it from various shocks.

Chicken Embryo Development
Placenta: It is a thin membrane that covers the fetus,

removes waste, and works the work of the respiratory and digestive systems. Laqnaqi: It performs the function of the respiratory system, the digestive system, and it gets rid of waste. chicken embryo

What's inside chicken eggs?

Chicken Embryo Development
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