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feel upset Raging bull before slaughter يشعر باارعب فثار وهاج

feel upset || Raging bull before slaughter

The estrus is the estrous cycle of an animal that is accompanied by
sexual agitation. Sometimes called the estrus, estrus or estrus cycle.

The estrous in the dictionary is concerned with the lust of every female with a hoof for a stallion, while the term has recently been used to express the condition that affects a male and a female animal when its reproductive hormones are intensified.

Bullfighting (Spanish: Corrida de toros), an ancient Spanish sport in which a bullfighter and a bull are confronted in an arena in full view of the people who attend to witness the victory of man over the animal.
This sport is considered one of the most dangerous sports for those who practice it, as the wrestler does not have sufficient protection for his body from the bull's horns, which must be sharp, and the bull must be strong, huge and healthy.

feel upset || Raging bull before slaughter

There is a type of bullfighting in the Arab world, specifically in the Sultanate of Oman, in the states of Sohar and Barka, where bulls are raised for wrestling in special arenas.

Then the bull will be the winner. Bulls are specially prepared for this, cared for and fed special food.

The Omanis attach great importance to bullfighting in the Wilayat of Sohar, where the competitions take place almost weekly, every Friday evening, and fans of this sport gather greatly.

There is also this sport in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

feel upset || Raging bull before slaughter

The city of Oran, Algeria, has a bullring, which is the only one in Algeria, which confirms the strong Spanish presence in Oran, which was famous during the French occupation for its strong European reputation.

There is also a bullring in Tangiers, Morocco, which was stopped 43 years ago by King Hassan II.

After the evacuation of the international protection of the city, the local public opinion closely follows the news of its re-operation again.

feel upset || Raging bull before slaughter...

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