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I accidentally shocked him He died and analyzed If your heart is weak

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The cat accidentally ran over it with my car. It died.

It decomposed in record time. 

If your heart is weak, don't watch

Cats are in danger...when you pass by the street...
I am so sad I ran over her in front of the house...

I didn't feel it and didn't see it until I came home and saw it lying on the ground as a lifeless body and when 

I went to pick it up from the ground, the surprise for me was that it peeled off its skin from its flesh in my hand (it started to decompose) and the insects started devouring it...

and this was in record time Because the weather was very hot, my sadness increased very much...

I love animals very much, especially cats.
So I ask everyone to take care of her and take care of her passing in the streets...I hope that God will forgive me. So they prayed for me to do so.

I am guilty of killing her...
Died and decomposed in no time

I was hoping to catch it or avoid it
I accidentally shocked him. He died and analyzed. If your heart is weak, don't watch

That's why I offer you the best cat care products... Take care of them

مالي ذنب بقتلها ...
ماتت وتحللت في وقت قياسي
كنت بتمني ألحق انقزها او اتفاداها
القطط في خطر...

حين تمر من الشارع...
أنا في غاية الحزن دهستها أمام المنزل...

ولم أشعر بها ولم أرهها إلا حينما عدت إلي المنزل وشاهدتها ملقاه علي الأرض جثه هامده وعندما ذهبت لأرفعها من الأرض كانت المفاجئه بالنسبه لي وهي أنها إنسلخ جلدها من لحمها في يدي(بدأت في التحلل) وبدأت الحشرات في إلتهامها...

وكان هذا في وقت قياسي لأن الجو كان حارا" جدا" فزاد حزني جدا"...
فأنا أحب الحيوانات جدا" لاثيما القطط بالذات.

فأرجوا من الجميع أن يحرصوا علي الإهتمام بها ومراعات مرورها في الشوارع ...أرجو أن الله يغفر لي.فادعوا لي بذالك

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