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Liverpool Football Club

Liverpool Football Club

Often known simply as Liverpool (In
Professional, dated

 15th March 1892, City Liverpool , in the county Merseyside In England , by an English

 businessman John Holding

The team is known for its red colors, which is why it has a nickname

 "Reds"(In English: The Reds ) ( in Arabic: Red).

 The team is currently playing in English Premier League.

Liverpool has won 13 titles on the European continent, winning more

 European titles than any other English club, after achieving the title

Champions League 6 Most recent times in 2019, late for Real Madrid

Seven titles and about AC Milan One title,

 and won a title European Cup 3 Times, and also won a title

European Super Cup 4 Times. 

As for the European classification, it is ranked 42nd at the level

 of European teams, according to the classification UEFA , based

 on its results in European competitions In the lastfive years.

Domestically, Liverpool is the second most English club to win

 the league title with 19 championships, trailing behind

Manchester United One championship and who won the league

 title 20 times.

Liverpool FC Red/White Knitted Ski Hat - Authentic EPL Brand 

 Liverpool also won a championship The Lancashire League Single in a year 1892, And won the title The second division league 4 Times.

As for the cups, the team won 15 titles in FA Shield , and 7 titles in The FA Cup , and 8 titles in English League Cup. 

This brings the total of his domestic championships to about 54 titles. After the club was founded Liverpool in a year 1892,Participated in football League In the following year. 

The most successful period for Liverpool was in the seventies and eighties, when he was led Bill Shankly And Bob Paisley
The club to achieve eleven League titles and seven European Cups.

Liverpool has long rivalries with its neighbors Everton And Manchester United. The team has been playing in red clothes for a year 1964 When he changed Bill Shankly Team clothing, from red jersey and white shorts to red.

The club anthem is "You will never walk alone" Which the fans sing before the start of every home game. The club plays in its own court Anfield Since its inception.

Liverpool FC plays all its official matches in Anfield stadium (In English: Anfield ) , Which accommodates the presence of 54.074 spectators.

It is considered a club Everton Historic rivals Liverpool, who are joined by a famous derby you know In the Merseyside Derby, which represents a derby between the two best teams in the City of Liverpool.

On the other hand, it is considered a club Manchester United The archenemy of Liverpool FC, these confrontations are considered.

one of the most important sports competitions in football English, where the two clubs that achieved the most titles, Manchester United achieved 62,

while Liverpool won 59 championships, and it was said that it was "the most famous match in English football.

" The club fans were involved in two disasters
the first being Heysel Stadium disaster in a year 1985When a wall collapsed under the pressure of the fleeing crowd in Heysel Stadium , as a result of riots before

 the start of a match 1985 European Champion Clubs Cup Final Between Liverpool FC English And Juventus Italian. 

This caused the death of 39 people and the injury of 600 people.
The second was Hillsborough disaster in a year 1989 at Hillsborough Stadium , Nadi Stadium Sheffield Wednesday ,

 during a soccer match between Nottingham Forest And Liverpool club within the semifinals of the championship FA Cup. This caused the death of 96 people and the injury of many persons.

Economically, according to a report Forbes Magazine Known as Forbes list of the richest football clubs in the world ,

 Liverpool is considered the tenth richest club in the world, fifth in England , where it reached its market value in the year 2014, 691 Million American dollar.

The club also ranks eighth in the list of 10 most expensive football brands, with a value of 280 million euro. 

The club is ranked twelfth in the annual statistic known as List of the richest soccer clubs in the world Published by a company Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu , after the club's income reached 240.

6 million euro. Ago 15th October 2010The club became king Fenway Sports Group , having bought the club's ownership for 300 million pound£ .

On the other hand, Liverpool FC is a founding member of the group G-14 For European leadership clubs, That are currently being canceled and replaced European Club Association.

Liverpool Football Club was established after a dispute between management Everton FC The club president and landowner Anfield John Holding.

 After eight years on the field, Everton moved to Goodison Park In 1892 John Houlding founded Liverpool FC to play at Anfield.

Initially the club was named "Everton Football Club and Sports Territories Ltd." (In English: Everton FC and Athletic Grounds Ltd ) "Sports or Everton Acronym.

Change the name of the club to Liverpool Football (In English: Liverpool FC ) After rejection FIFA Recognition of the name Everton.

aiycome Football Club Indoor and Outdoor Pennant Double Side Printing Flags Vivid Color Hanging Flags for Decoration/Souvenir/Gift

aiycome Football Club Indoor and Outdoor Pennant Double Side Printing Flags Vivid Color Hanging Flags for Decoration/Souvenir/Gift  

The team won In my turn, Lancer In the first season, he joined For the Football League Second Division In the 1893--94 season. After they finished first season, the club moved on First Class , which he won in 1901 and again in 1906.

Liverpool have reached the final FA cup For the first time in 1914, they lost 1-0 from Burnley Club. 

Liverpool won the League Championship 
consecutively in 1922 and 1923, but did not win any other championships until the 1946-1947 season, when the club won the First Division Championship for the fifth time under a player.

West Ham United the previous George Kay.

Liverpool suffered a second loss in the FA Cup final in 1950 from a club Powerball. The club was relegated to the Second Division in the 1953-1954 season.

Soon after he lost Liverpool to the FA Cup non-League club Worcester City, and was named Bill Shankly Coach.

 Upon his arrival, he released 24 players and turned a shoe storage room at Anfield into a room where coaches would meet and discuss strategy.

Here, Shankly began meeting with members of "Shoe room" the others Joy Fagan And Robin Bennett And Bob Paisley In team formation.

The club promoted to the First Division again in 1962 and won it in 1964, for the first time in 17 years.

 In 1965, the club won The FA Cup for the first time. In 1966, the club won the First Division but lost to Borussia Dortmund In the final European Cup Winners Club Cup.

Liverpool won the league And the European Cup In the 1972--73 season, and the FA Cup the following season. Shan
kly retired and was replaced by his assistant, Bob Paisley.

In 1976, Benzi's second season as coach, Liverpool won the League and UEFA Cup double again.

 The following season the club maintained the league and won European Cup For the first time, but lost in the 1977 FA Cup Final.

 Liverpool retained the European Cup title in 1978 and First Division in 1979.

During Paisley's ninth season as a coach, Liverpool had won 21 championships, including 3 European Cups, a European Cup, six Leagues, and three tournaments.

League Cup Consecutive.
 The only domestic tournament he has not won is the FA Cup.
Paisley retired in 1983 and was replaced by his assistant Joe Fagan.

Liverpool won the League, League Cup and European Cup in Fagan's first season, becoming the first English club to win three championships in one season.

Liverpool reached the European Cup Final again in 1985, against Juventus at Heysel Stadium.

 Before the start of the match, Liverpool fans broke the fence separating the fans of the two clubs, and accused the Juventus fans. 

The resulting weight of people caused the wall to collapse, killing 39 fans, mostly Italians.

The incident is known The Heysel Stadium disaster.
The match was played despite protests from both coaches, Liverpool lost 1-0. 

As a result of the accident, English clubs were banned from European participation for five years.

 Liverpool received a 10-year ban, but it was later reduced to six years.

 Fourteen Liverpool fans were convicted of manslaughter.
Fagan announced his retirement prior to the disaster and was appointed Kenny Dalglish As a player and coach.

During this period, the team won three League titles and two League Cups, including the Federation Cup and League Cup double in the 1985--86 season.

 The Hillsborough disaster It overshadowed the success of Liverpool, in the FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest On April 15, 1989, hundreds of Liverpool fans were crushed by the fence surrounding the stadium.

Ninety-four people died that day, the ninety-fifth victim died in hospital of his injuries four days later, and the ninety-sixth victim died nearly four years later, without regaining consciousness.

After the Hillsborough disaster there was a government review of the stadium safety.

Taylor Report The result of the review paved the way for legislation requiring all first-division teams to have a seat for every spectator in their stadiums. 

The report indicated that the main cause of the disaster was overcrowding resulting from the failure of police control.

Liverpool were part of the closest match in the league season 1988--89. Liverpool finished the season on par with Arsenal FC By points and goal difference, but lost the title on total goals scored when Arsenal scored the last goal in The last minute of the season.

Dalglish stated that the Hillsborough disaster and its repercussions were the reason for his resignation in 1991, who was replaced by the former player Graeme Souness.

Under his leadership, Liverpool won the 1992 FA Cup Final, but the team's performance in the league declined, as it finished sixth in two consecutive times, which caused his dismissal in 1994.

Roy Evans He replaced Souness, and Liverpool won the League Cup final in 1995.

 While they fought for the league title under Evans, third place is the best the team has reached in 1996 and 1998, and was named Gerard Hollier As an assistant coach, he became the coach in November 1998 after Evans resigned.

In 2001, Houllier's second full season, Liverpool won the treble: the FA Cup, League Cupand FA Cup.

Hollier underwent heart surgery during the 2001--02 season and Liverpool finished second in the league behind Arsenal.

The team won the League Cup in 2003, but failed to compete for a title for the next two seasons.

At the end of the 2003-04 season he was appointed Raphael Benitez Place Houllier, despite ending the season in fifth place in Benitez's first season, Liverpool won Champions League 2004-05 After he was defeated Milan 3--2 at Penalty shoot-out After the match ended with a score of 3-3.

The following season, Liverpool finished third in the league, winning the FA Cup, afterbeating West Ham United By penalty kicks after the end of the match, with a score of 3--3.

American businessmen George Gillett and Tom Hicks became the owners of the club in the 2006--07 season, in a deal that valued the club and its outstanding debt at £ 218.9 million.

The club has arrived For the 2007 UEFA Champions League Final Against Milan, as it was in 2005, but this time Liverpool lost 2-1.

In the 2008--09 season, Liverpool scored 86 points, the club's highest number of points Premier League , and finished runner-up For Manchester United.

In the 2009--10 season, Liverpool finished seventh and failed to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. Consequently, Benitez left the club by mutual consent .

He was replaced by a coach Fulham Club Roy Hudgson.

At the start of the 2010--11 season, 
Liverpool was on the verge of bankruptcy and the club's creditors asked the Supreme Court to allow the sale of the club, contrary to the wishes of Hicks and Gillett.

 Offer accepted John W.Henry , owner Boston Red Sox The Fenway Sports Group , and took ownership of the club in October 2010.

The modest results at the start of the season led Hudgson to leave the club by mutual consent to be replaced by former coach Kenny Dalglish.

After the team finished eighth in the 2011-12 season, the team's worst position in 18 years, Dalglish was fired.

His place came Brendan Rodgers.

In Rodgers' first season, Liverpool finished the league in seventh place And reached the role of 32 in European League.

In season Season 2013-14 , Liverpool were involved in a league title competition despite not being nominated and finished the season second behind the champion Manchester City , scoring 101 goals.

He [Shankly] thought that the colors had a psychological effect - red was a symbol of danger, red was a symbol of strength. He came to the dressing room one day and threw red shorts at Ronnie Yates.

"Put on these shorts to see what you look like," he said, "Oh my God, Ronnie, you look amazing,

 scary, you look like you are 7 feet tall." And I suggested, "Why don't we finish it?", "Why don't we wear red socks? 

Let's go in full red." Shankly agreed, and an iconic dress was born.

For most of Liverpool's history, it has been the main color of the team the Red Full, but when the club was founded, it was dressed similarly to that of a club Everton.

 Where he used the shirt the White And blue Until a year 1894, When the club adopted the color the Red.

And adopted Liverbird Which represents the symbol of the city, as the logo of the club in general 1901, Although it wasn't put on the shirt until a year 1955 .

Liverpool continued to use red flannels and white pants for up to a year 1964When the coach decided Bill Shankly Change it to a full red dress.
Where Liverpool played for the first time, dressed in full red against Anderlecht Club.

The yellow or white jersey and black shorts were often the outfit of Liverpool's second club, but there were some exceptions. 

Where a full gray dress was used in 1987And it was used until the 1991-92 season, which is the club's centenary season, after which it was replaced by the green jersey and white shorts.

There are also several colors used in the nineties, including golden and navy, bright yellow, black and gray, And Ecru.

, the club alternated yellow and white until the 2008-09 season, when the gray was brought back.

The third uniform is used in European matches, in the event that the second reserve uniform conflicts with the host team’s dress uniform, and that if it happens, it often occurs in the European Union competitions.

Nike has been responsible for the current dress design since the start of the 2020-21 season.

Other companies that have designed the team uniform are Umbro Until a year 1985, When I replaced it Adidas Which is designed to wear the team up to a year 1996 .

Then came a company Reebok Which designed the team's uniform for ten years to a year 2006, Before you come back Adidas in a year 2006 And even a year 2012 .


Liverpool is the first team Football Einglish A professional puts the team sponsor's logo on his shirt, after the club's equipment has agreed with a company Hitachi in a year 1979 .

Since then, the club has sponsored many international companies such as Crown Paints , Candy , Carlsberg , And Standard Chartered.

 The partnership with Carlsberg, which was signed in 1992, Is the longest partnership in English football history.

Where it lasted until the season 2011 - 2012Thus, Carlsberg Company ended 30 years of partnership with Liverpool FC, when it became Standard Chartered Official team sponsor.

The team logo is based on the city motto Lever bird , which was previously placed inside a shield.

 But in general 1992And in order to celebrate the centenary of the club's founding, a new logo was designed for the team, which includes the Shankly Gate. 

In the following year, two torches were added on either side of the emblem to represent the monument To the Hillsborough disaster Located outside Anfield Road Stadium , Eternal flame
To commemorate those who perished in the disaster.

In 2012, in the first design of Warriors Sports, the shield and gate were removed, to restore the logo used in the 1970s, the two burners were moved to the rear. 
collar Th

shirt surrounds the number 96 which represents the Hillsborough casualty counta.


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