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You'll become a billionaire��|No one can make you feel inferior without y...

Football players' success comes from motivation 

 Do you sometimes feel bad? 


Are people mean to you? Are you afraid of taking risks and doing what makes you really happy, so you often agree with other people's opinions just for the sake of compatibility

 Despite what people are actually studying human mind and behavior for example, these are not things that enhance your thinking and develop quality habits, shape your personality, and make you a stronger individual. 

Some describe these people as scientists, some call them experts, but their real nickname is haters. Always be happy, because any other emotion is unnatural. 

It doesn't matter if you can do things differently and achieve a better effect. why? Because you are awesome. Everyone is awesome

If you are alive then you are awesome. You do not become a wonderful person by doing good deeds, developing your skills and knowledge, working hard, and developing yourself into an intelligent, capable and interesting individual. 

Heck no! If people hate talking to you and avoiding social contact, do not think there is something wrong with you. 

Maybe you are very judgmental? Maybe you don't have anything important to say? Forget these things. 

Remember that you are just wonderful for being you. You do not have any bad qualities. There are no defects in your behavior. There is no room for improvement. 

If, for example, you want to be a football player ...

 But make sure that great training can improve the player's IQ and decision-making, but the basic "raw material" must come from within the player.

What makes a successful soccer player? 
Players develop passion and help young football players succeed near my heart as a coach.

You know you want "real" success, so you must create a fundamental motivation inside you for success with strong training to help you succeed and continue in it. What is another important thing for success?

When all these elements are combined and the player plays on his strengths - then success happens on the soccer field.

 It does not gain success through practice alone, but rather is created through intelligent hard work and an inner desire to succeed. 

In order to develop a real successful player, the quality of training is very important - coaches must teach the players good habits; This includes players who focus and play according to their strengths.

 If all the appropriate training is in place, it is up to the players to obtain this intrinsic motivational desire for success, and battle in adversity. 

Capacity is important, desire and self-motivation are vital. Players should do this for themselves. All players have their dreams, which they follow and hope to achieve through serious work and dedication to it You don't have to be a technical genius as a player to succeed. 

Scenario :

 The other team is technically better than us, so what can we do to counter that - to overcome it? Every player needs to desire to defeat this team .

If there is no one or two; You will not win the battle. 

Who begs the question; And it is the most important; Great skill or great desire to succeed? I think we need somewhat to some extent but I also think desire and self-motivation can make up for so many failures in the player. 

Great skill can include having the ability to recognize what you do as a player and what you don't as a player; Then from this information to your strengths, hide the weaknesses; Highlighting strengths.

Frank Lampard from Chelsea and England. Here we can cite the young player Alan Ball as a great example who is a World Cup winner with the former England national team at a very young age.

 So the areas needed for a chance to succeed: 

What is In principle, what is required is a lot of seriousness and perseverance at the beginning; 

A tremendous inner desire / motivation for success that includes the development of self-belief; Confidence and will to win when the time is right Great training by 

and qualified coaches who teach players from the early ages with the continuity and consistency of the structured training program as players progress across age groups; And focus on the vital areas of development for players because they change with age.

 Frankly, I don't think you can constantly develop this cool player without all these basic features.

Do not let anyone "stop your ambition and dreams. Be yourself and make your dreams come true

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