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Will sports activity return to the United States and when will the first NBA basketball game be?

Will sports activity return to the United States and when will the first NBA basketball game be?

Today the vote is on the NBA League Return Plan

Reports say the NBA Board of Trustees will vote Thursday on the league's plan to resume the season with 22 teams at Disney World in Orlando.

The association has secured the approval of 75 percent of the 30 clubs.

There are also indications that the plan indicates that the season can be resumed on July 31, with the seventh match in the final scheduled for October 12.

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Each team will play 8 games in order to determine the finalists.
And that the association will invite 13 teams from the western section compared to nine from the eastern section.

New Orleans Pelican, Portland Trailblazers, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, San Antonio Spurs and Washington Wizards will join 16 teams occupying the first eight positions in each division.

Wizards occupies ninth place in the eastern section, behind Brooklyn Nets and Orlando Magic (30-35), ranked seventh and eighth, respectively.

 Meanwhile, the Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves will exit accounts in the western section.

The Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto title-holders Raptors and Boston Celtics secured qualification for the exclusionary roles from the eastern section, while only the Los Angeles Lakers did.

The league was suspended on March 11, after Utah Jazz player Rudi Gobier was found to have been infected with the new Corona virus

A proposal to complete the NBA in hotel resorts

By AFP May 3, 2020 10:03Among the suggestions that can be benefited from is a proposal to complete the most famous basketball league in the world within hotel resorts.


A hotel group has submitted a proposal to the NBA to continue the current season, which has been suspended due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, by placing all of its hotels in Las Vegas at the disposal of the players, their families and the people who must be present during the matches.

The proposal revealed by the "New York Times" includes keeping them in quarantine in places designated for that in the 13 hotels owned by the company.

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Players can practice their training in 24 conference centers, which will be converted into basketball halls, including 5 centers equipped with cameras, to allow matches to be broadcast on television.

Mandelaay Bay Resort, which includes three connected hotels, will be the headquarters of MGM project, which includes 4,700 rooms.

On the other hand, the network "ISBN" revealed that the association is looking for a similar quarantine area from hotels and stadiums in Orlando in a special area of ​​Disney World.

The NBA had told clubs that they intended to allow players to return to individual coaching at their team's facilities, but not before May 8th in areas permitted by government regulations.

The move comes at a time when many local authorities in the states have begun relaxing procedures about requiring staying at home on unnecessary professional activity.

Georgia and Oklahoma were among the first states to participate in professional league teams that eased quarantine regulations, which opened the door to potential exercises in gyms and club stadiums, with more states waiting to follow suit in the coming days.

The association is studying several return scenarios, but the issue of completing the regular season before the start of the playoffs is still uncertain.

The NBA has suspended the competition since March 12, after Utah Jazz Frenchman Rudi Goubert was infected with the "Coffed 19" virus.

The association seeks to end the season in October (NBA Report):

 And that, according to a timeframe scheduled for voting by the League's Board of Directors on Thursday, it will not exceed the date of the last seventh match of the final round on October 12th

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The leagues and the players are putting the final touches on the resumption of the season, which has been stalled since March 11, due to the outbreak of the "Covid-19" pandemic.

And that the league is planning to return the league with the participation of 22 teams, starting from July 31.

All matches are expected to take place at the Disney Park in Orlando, Florida, with all clubs remaining on the site to reduce the risk of corona outbreaks.

The League's proposal Thursday before the Board of Directors needs the approval of two-thirds of the 30 clubs participating in the league.

And that there is great support for the plan recommended by League Commissioner Adam Silver.

One of the main issues that must be settled is the form of the competition, which will determine the identity of the finalists, in the playoffs.

Six clubs that do not occupy qualifying places to playoff will be involved with the first eight in each of the eastern and western regions, bringing the number of participants to 22 with the resumption of the league.

 Upon ratification, the season of eight clubs will end early.

And to the eight clubs from each region, six clubs with a difference of no less than six compared to the eighth place in each region, which means that these clubs will be in the current arrangement New Orleans Pelicans, Portland Trail Blazers, San Antonio Spurs and Sacramento Kings from the Western Region and Washington Wizards from Sharqia.

Atlanta Hawks coach Lloyd Pearce, bottom bottom in the Eastern District, said that excluding his team from the rest of the season would be a blow to his young squad. “The most we can benefit from is playing basketball. To continue with the momentum we need next season."

It is expected that the resumption of the League will include a quarantine for the players for two weeks in their cities, between one and two weeks of training in club playgrounds, then two weeks of training camps.

The season had stopped after the French Utah Jazz player Rudi Goubert was infected with the Corona virus. So far, about ten league players have contracted the virus, without identifying them.

The United States is the country most affected by "Covid-19" in terms of deaths, as it reached 108 thousand as of Tuesday, noting that the country has counted more than 1.8 million cases of the virus.

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