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The Strongest|Earth Classico|And his crushing defeat for|Real Madrid

The Strongest|Earth Classico|And his crushing defeat for|Real Madrid

Enjoy a friendly PES 2017 match between two European giants FC Barcelona and real_madrid.

The eSporters from both teams in the eFootball FC barcelona vs FC real_madrid.

team in the twentieth century, has won the Spanish League 33 times, nineteen times the King's Cup and scored a record with 13 champions in the Champions League.

Barcelona Football Club (in Catalan: Futbol Club Barcelona), often known by the acronym as

Barcelona (in Catalan: Barcelona) or as Barca fans call it (Catalan: Barça), is a professional Spanish

sports club from Barcelona that plays in the Spanish League, and it is One of three clubs that did not fall to the second division, next to Athletic Bilbao and its

traditional rivals Real Madrid.

The Strongest | Earth Classico | And his crushing defeat for | Real Madrid.The Strongest.

Earth | Classico | Wholesale lost opportunities | And his crushing defeat for | Real Madrid.

Spanish League First Class or La Liga Official championship founded in 1929, which is the first

division league of the Spanish League, in which Spanish football clubs compete to win the League

title, which is considered one of the elite leagues in the world and all clubs compete 38 games.

The competition started in 1929 and was won by FC Barcelona.Real Madrid is a Spanish professional football team founded in 1902, located in the

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