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April Fool's Day: Between Myth and Reality April Fools in Islam

April Fool's Day: Between Myth and Reality

April Fools in Islam


April Fools’s prohibition is prohibited in Islam, because lying is prohibited in Islam on that day or others, and also because it is not permissible for a Muslim to imitate others in this and other things, because the Messenger of God said: “Whoever resembles a people is one of them.

” On the authority of Abdullah bin Masoud, he said: “The Messenger of God Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said. Svg:“ You have to be honest, for truth gives guidance torighteousness. And righteousness leads to Paradise. 

Because lying leads to immorality.

 And immorality leads to Hell.

 And the man is still lying, and the lie is being investigated until he writes with a liar with Allah »Musnad Ahmad.


April Fool

There is no certainty of the origin of this habit, some opinions suggested that the origin of this day is that many European cities

 continued to celebrate the beginning of the year on the first of April, as this habit began in France after adopting the amended calendar set by Charles IX in 1564 AD and France.



was the first country You work with this calendar and until that date the celebration of New Year's Day begins on March 21 and ends on the first of April after people exchange New Year's Day gifts.

Then Pope Gregory XIII came at the end of the sixteenth century and adjusted the calendar to start the year on January 1, and festive celebrations start from December 25, and people



who kept celebrating according to the old calendar made sarcastic comments because they believed (April Fools), but the Canterbury Stories by Jeffrey Chaucer passed this theory and said that the stories of the "April Fools" belong to the fourteenth century and before the arrival of Pope Gregory XIII.

It spread to other countries and spread widely in England by the seventeenth century AD The victim in France is called the fish and in Scotland the April joke.

Others see that there is a strong relationship between lying on the first of April and the well-known Holly Feast in India, which is celebrated by Hindus

 on March 31 of each year and in which some simple people perform false tasks just for fun and propaganda and does not reveal the truth of these lies only until the evening of the first of April.

There is another side of researchers in the origin of lies that see that its origins date back to the Middle Ages, since the month of April in this period was a time of intercession for the crazy and weak minds, so they would be released at the beginning of the month and the wise people would pray for them. In the name of Halloween.

There are other researchers confirm that the first April lie did not spread widely among most people of the world until the nineteenth century.

In fact, all of these sayings did not gain definite evidence to prove their authenticity, whether true or false, the rule of lying was also the beginning of April and some comment on this by saying that the month of April falls in the spring and with the spring it pleases people with foreplay and fun.

And the beginning of April has become the day when it is permissible to lie to all peoples of the world except for the Spanish and German peoples.

 The reason is that this day is sacred in Spain religiously, but in Germany it coincides with the birthday of Bismarck, the well-known German leader.


April Fools' April Fools' Day or April Fools' Day is a traditional occasion in a number of countries that coincides with the first of April of each year and is famous for doing cheats in others.

 April Fools Day is not considered a national day or is legally recognized as a celebration Official. 

But it's a day when people used to celebrate, make jokes, and deceive each other.

This joke is widespread in most countries of the world with different colors and cultures, and the majority of researchers' opinions went on that "April Fools" is a European tradition based on joking in which some people

 on the first day of April release rumors or lies and those who believe these rumors or lies are called " April Fool's Victim. "


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