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Sounds and ways to communicate cats

Sounds and ways to

communicate cats

Cats communicate is known to transmit information from one or.

more cats that have an influence on the current or future behavior of another animal, including humans.

Cats use a variety of means of communication, which include audio, visual, touch and smell. Pet contact methods are affected by domestication.

Cat words have been categorized according to a set of characteristics.

Shots categorize cats according to a group ofThe sounds produced with the closed mouth (murmurs), which include purring, vocal tremors and chirping, the sounds produced when closing the open mouth gradient are a large.

variety of meow cats with patterns similar to vowels, and the sounds produced with opening the mouth caught tense in the same position, often What is issued in aggressive situations.

(Growl, howl, snarl, hissing, spitting and screaming).

Watch this video

Scary and terrifying sound made 
by cats when they want to mate The sound 
of cats that want to mating

Vocal responses to cats according to the following: 

behavioral context:

When separating cats from their mothers, when cats are deprived of food, when in pain, before or when threatening or attacking behavior, such as land or food disputes, during painful or stressful experiences completely, as in routine preventive injections, when deprived Pussycat.

Less invitations usually recorded include rattling mature cats, and peer-to-peer salutations.

The extension of vocal dialogs between cats in separate cages, calls for "frustration" during training or the extinction of the conditional response.

Miller cats words are categorized into 5 categories according to the produced sound: from purring, call, creaking, meow, rumble / snarling / hissing.


The cockroach or chirp looks like a rolling meow on the tongue. It is more common to use when the mother cats invite their kittens from the nest.

 Cats distinguish their mothers with their own creaks, and do not respond to the creaks of other mothers.

Chirp is also used when another cat or human comes or is approaching it.

 People can mimic the meow's voice to reassure and greet pet cats.

When observing or chasing prey, cats sometimes get excited or start chirping or cockroach when observing or chasing prey.

The call:

Call out loud, producing rhythmic pronunciation with closed mouth. It is primarily associated with female cats when in contact with male cats, and sometimes occurs in males when fighting with each other.

"Meow the cat" is a screaming cat in the wings (or "in the heat").


A meow is a term used by kittens to get attention from their mother kittens.

Cat's meow:

The main topic: 

cat meow The meow is the most familiar voice for large cats. Waters can express their firmness, sadness, friendliness, boldness, welcome, interest, temptation, demand or complaint.


the cat may shut up as the cat opens its mouth, but does not pronounce it. Large cats do not fill each other, for large cats meow to humans it is likely that feline meow after extended domestication.


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