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Deal of the Century and US President Donald Trump's Peace Plan

Deal of the Century and US President Donald Trump's Peace Plan

The entire world waited and anticipated for President Donald Trump to present his peace plan between the Palestinians and the Israelis

At the press conference that US President Donald Trump presented, he proposed the proposed peace plan ...

The American President said ... this peace plan is the last chance for the Palestinians ...

The proposed peace plan guarantees continued Israeli control over most of the West Bank


Which Israel occupied in 1967, and annexed the huge settlement blocs in the West Bank

To the state of Israel, and to keeping the city of Jerusalem united and under Israeli sovereignty.

Israel has vowed to limit settlement activity in the West Bank for four years

This is the period granted to the Palestinian side to decide to enter into negotiations with the side

The Israeli to implement the plan.

The Palestinian state, to be established under the plan, will have a capital bearing the name of Jerusalem in

Any other place but has nothing to do with the city of Jerusalem, which will remain united and under sovereignty

Israeli and its capital will include the Palestinian capital some remote suburbs of

East Jerusalem, which was occupied by Israel in 1967.

As for the Haram Al-Sharif in Jerusalem, the situation will remain the same and Israel will continue

Protecting holy places in Jerusalem and ensuring freedom of worship for Muslims and Christians

And Jews and other religions.

Jordan maintains its responsibilities under the plan for the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Policy experts describe the plan proposed by the US president as a success rate

And calming the current situation is very weak. "And its risks are great ...

As for the economic aspect of the plan ...

U.S. President Trump has made clear ... that a million new jobs will be created

For the Palestinians.

If they accept the implementation of the plan, the poverty rate will be halved, which will lead

To raise the gross national product of the Palestinian economy while saving $ 50 billion

To spend in infrastructure and investment projects over 10 years for each country

The Palestinian and its neighbors Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.

The Palestinian state will not be allowed to establish or operate a port in Gaza in the first stage, instead
From this, Israel will provide, through the ports of Haifa, the most necessary installations necessary for import

And the export of goods and materials for the benefit of the Palestinian state during the first five years

After that, the Palestinian state can establish a port in Gaza after fulfilling the security requirements

To the State of Israel. The Gaza Strip will be connected to the West Bank through a tunnel

The 181-page plan, published by the White House, speaks on his site, titled

“Peace is on the road to prosperity” for the first time on the topic “Jewish refugees”, which means

Jews who lived in Arab countries before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948

And a large number of them migrated to Israel or other countries.

The document says that the Arab-Israeli conflict has created an almost equal number of refugees

Palestinians and Jews assert that the Jews who fled the Arab countries suffered as much as their peers

The document affirms the rejection of any return of Palestinian refugees to Israel and any drop Future claims for compensation. Every Palestinian refugee does not have any citizenship rights

A country has three options: to return to the new Palestinian state, depending on the capabilities of the state, or

Grant him the right to settle in the country in which he resides and based on the approval of the country or include it within

The program for distributing Palestinian refugees to interested member states of the Cooperation Organization

Islam, so that each country accepts the absorption of five thousand refugees annually and over a period of ten Years.

And lastly, "How did some Arab countries interact with Trump's statement and plan ...

Some Arab countries issued statements described by experts in the political field as shy ...

Unlike some rhetoric, the plan rejects the rhetoric, but without Ranan’s data

it was in the past. Indeed, the ambassadors of some countries, such as the United Arab Emirates

Bahrain and Oman were present as Trump and Netanyahu announced a so-called "deal."

Century. "And what is even more striking is what the Emirati ambassador to Washington has said yet

Trump's declaration, describing the US President's plan as a "serious plan" and "a point."

Launching a mission "for future negotiations under the auspices of the United States," he added.

Whereas, some political experts and some Arab and international newspapers spoke and I express their opinion

On the requirements of the American plan "Deal of the Century"

And that was revealed by US President Donald Trump after three years of waiting, which

The Israeli-Palestinian issue was supposed to be settled once and for all - it is A scandal, a farce and an insult to reason and logic.

Some are also urging "the exchange of gains between Trump and Netanyahu in the peace plan

The American - prepared by Jared Kushner, the American president's son-in-law - has a clear first goal,

It is an exchange of assistance between the two friends Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu The two who linked their political destiny, where the first suffers from the procedures of separation, and the second

Stalker of justice in his country, as if the deal is a self-promotion at a lower cost as they think.

As for US President Trump, every move in Israel's favor is a guarantee

At his evangelical electoral base, and for Netanyahu, the support of the great American power

It is always a good thing, especially a few weeks before the upcoming Israeli elections.

But the American plan goes beyond this arrangement among friends, because it is shocking and without

Shame takes over the Palestinian lands, which means that the challenge is not to find

Peace in the region, as much as it is based on fifty years of "fait accompli" policy

That is being implemented with unalterable harmony on the backs of the Palestinians, wondering, "Isn't it?"

The Israeli settlements, the Jordan Valley and the greater part of the West Bank will become from

From now on, who has the right to an Israeli victor?


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