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World Day of Social Justice

World Day of Social Justice

On the 20th of February of each year, the world celebrates the "International Day for Social Justice", which was formally adopted by the United Nations during the year 2007, to achieve many important goals regarding this issue, and this year 2018 carried the slogan " Transfer workers to seek social justice. "

The World Social Justice Day is considered an international alarm for all decision makers and officials in the world about the efforts they made in their countries and regions, and their effectiveness in achieving social justice for all, and whether they were able to put in place real and effective laws and mechanisms to achieve this goal within their societies, in all their societies Different areas of life, and the main things an individual needs to lead a decent life.

Social justice

Social justice is an economic and social system that aims to eliminate the large economic differences between classes of society. Sometimes called civil justice, it describes the idea of ​​a society in which justice prevails in all its aspects, rather than being restricted to just the law. 

In general, social justice is understood as providing a fair treatment and a participatory share of society’s goods.

Social justice is a fertile subject for debate in politics, religion, and the determinants of civilized society.

 From the left's perspective, social justice is economic utilitarianism, redistribution of national income, equal opportunity, and other sectors of civil society. As for the right, it is contradictory and ambiguous, as it contains a specific structure for what is socially just.

With the continuing financial crises, poverty, inequality within societies, and obstacles hindering the integration of developing countries, it was recognized that the international community should increase its efforts in eradicating poverty, promoting full employment, decent work, gender equality, social welfare, and social justice for all, and it was therefore decided to celebrate the World Day annually For social justice on February 20 of every year, and the United Nations 

General Assembly called on all member states to devote this day to promoting concrete activities at the national level for each country, according to the goals and objectives of the World Summit for Development Societal.

The Hardo Center for Digital Expression highlights the International Day of Social Justice through a research paper that introduces the International Day of Social Justice, and defines the concept of social justice as a socio-economic system, aimed at overcoming and eliminating economic 

differences between the layers of one society, working to provide a fair treatment and provide a participatory share A wealth of society for everyone. Social justice is represented in economic expediency, work to redistribute national income, and equality of opportunities. Social justice is a basic principle of peaceful coexistence within

Nations and among them, which is achieved under prosperity. Hence, when we work to achieve gender equality or promote the rights of indigenous peoples and migrants, this is an upholding of our principles of social justice. And when we remove the barriers that people face because of their gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, or disability, we have come a long way in promoting social justice.

The official website of the United Nations published a celebration of the "International Day for Social Justice" that: "Social justice is a basic principle of peaceful coexistence within and between nations, in which prosperity is achieved, and then when we work to achieve gender equality or promote the rights of peoples Indigenous and immigrant people, this would be an elevation of the principles of social justice, and when we remove the barriers that people face because of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability, we have come a long way in promoting social justice.

And about the slogan chosen by the United Nations to be the main title for this year 2018, which is "the movement of workers in pursuit of social justice," she continues, "Most of the immigration movements in the current age are directly or indirectly related to the issue of searching for decent work opportunities. Even if it is not Work is the main driver, as it is usually a driver in the issue of migration.

 ”For the United Nations, the pursuit of social justice for all is at the core of our global mission: achieving development and safeguarding human dignity. What the ILO adopted last year for the Declaration on Equitable Globalization through Justice.

Social media is but one example of the commitment of the United Nations system to work towards social justice. The declaration focuses on ensuring that everyone gets a fair share of the fruits of globalization, which comes through providing job opportunities and social protection and through social dialogue and the implementation of basic principles and rights.

Social justice movements

There are a number of movements working to spread and implement social justice. These movements make efforts to reach a world in which all members of a society, regardless of background, possess basic human rights and equality. One of the most famous of these international movements is the "International Justice Movement".

The Green Party

Social justice, also called the Social and Global Equality and Economic Justice, is one of the four pillars of the Green Party. The Canadian Green Party defines social justice as "the equal distribution of resources to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities for social and personal development."

Social justice includes indicators such as equality, non-discrimination and equal opportunities, and it requires that the differences in income between citizens are not exaggerated and not the result of marginalization or exclusion of some groups or deprivation of some rights. Also, the equitable distribution of resources and burdens through reforming the wage structure and adopting fair tax policies, supporting basic commodities for low-income people, and providing basic services such as health and education services as a social responsibility of the state to achieve social justice.


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