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Mother's day about Or (Mother's Day) when and how

Mother's day aboutOr (Mother's Day) 

when and how

  And Usina human parents his mother and here on the weakness and weaning in two years to thank me and your parents to self-determination * and that they strive to involve me what you do not aware of there is no final destination in the world known and follow the way of delegated to me and then to your return Vonbikm what you were doing ([ Luqman: 14, 15].

Society appeared recently "at the beginning of the twentieth century and is celebrated by most countries of the world to honor motherhood and mothers and the mother association with their children and the influence of mothers.

the mother

It is the angel that God Almighty created on this earth, and it is the reason for the existence of man after God, it is the candle that lights for their children their lives, and whatever children try to express what is within them to the greatest human being, and the greatest mother in the universethere is no way to do that, words and letters, Poems and books will not suffice, nor will they surround the mother, for she is the one who
illuminates the path of life, and she is the one who guides the righteousness, and endures the troubles and difficulties of life for the sake of her children, and she is the one who watches the long nights for the comfort of others.

Mother, and then words about Mother's Day from the filters of pens who sang the mother.

Mother's Day or (Mother's Day) appeared at the desire of Western and European thinkers after they found children in their societies neglecting their mothers and not giving their full care to them so they wanted to make a day of the year to 
remind the children of their mothers. Later, the scope of the celebrants widened to become celebrated in many days and in various cities in the world, and most often it is celebrated in the month of March, April or May.

The dates for Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day differ from country to country ...

For example, in the Arab world it is the first day of the spring semester, that is March 21, while in Norway it is celebrated on February 2; in Argentina it is October 3, and South Africa celebrates it on May 1.

In the United States, the celebration takes place on the second Sunday of May each year.

Mother's Day is an American innovation and does not descend directly under the roof of the maternal and maternal celebrations that have occurred everywhere in the world thousands of years ago. Such as the cult of Greece to Kubili, the Roman feast of Hilaria, and the celebration of Christians in Europe on the day of a motherhood ... Nevertheless, the term Mother's Day has become synonymous with these ancient customs.

in the United States of America...

The United States of America celebrates Mother's Day (Mother's Day) on the second Sunday of May. In 1872 Julia Ward Howe invited women to join in support of disarmament and on June 2, 1872 they demanded that Mother's Day be held for peace. “A call for femininity around the world” is sometimes referred to as Mother's Day. But Julia's day was not to honor mothers but to organize peaceful mothers against war.

In 1880 and 1890 there were many attempts to establish Mother's Day in America, but these attempts were unsuccessful at the local level. The current holiday was created by Anna Jarvis in Grafton, West Virginia in 1908

Julia wanted to fulfill her mother's dream of celebrating all mothers. Julia kept promoting this demand until President Wilson made this holiday a national holiday.

Among the countries celebrated according to the American calendar are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bangladesh, China, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Croatia, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Malta, the Philippines, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Turkey, Venezuela, and Zambia.

Britain celebrates Mother's Day on the last Sunday of March of each year and is known as one of the mothers. As for the historical background of the celebration, it has nothing to do with mothers and dates back to the sixteenth century and was associated with Christians visiting the Mother Church on Easter.

In the past, employees used to take a vacation to return to their hometowns to pray with their families. On the way back, these young employees were carrying flowers to their mothers.

As for Egypt

The first person to think of Mother’s Day in the Arab world was the late Egyptian journalist Ali Amin - the founder of Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper with his brother Mustafa Amin - where Ali Amin presented in his daily article “The Idea” of the idea of ​​celebrating Mother’s Day, saying: “Why don't we agree on a day We call it "Mother's Day" and make it a national holiday in our country and the East.

Then it happened that one of the mothers visited the late Mustafa Amin in his office and told him her story and how she was widowed and her children are young, and she did not.

marry, and devoted her life for the sake of her children, and she looked after them until they graduated from the university, got married, resigned their lives, and departed completely from them, so Mustafa Amin and Ali wrote Amin in their famous column, “An Idea”, proposes to allocate a day to the mother that will be a day to return the favor and a reminder thanks to it, and that the letters poured on them encourage the idea. 

Only, but the majority of readers agreed to decipher One day was set aside, after which it was decided that March 21 would be the Mother’s Day, which is the first day of the spring semester, to be a symbol of openness, serenity and beautiful feelings.

Among the words found on the mother that some scholars and writers mentioned are poets, artists and writers.

This is because the mother has a great position in society, and the sincere love that the children have for this mother who has brought up, watched, and reached the night by day, but all that they said does not fulfill and a small part of what the mother deserves.

Imam Al-Shafi’i: He submitted to your mother and her land, and her rights were one of the greatest.

Beethoven: The softest melodies and the sweetest melodies are played only by the mother’s heart.

Nizar Qabbani: With my mother's death, the last wool shirt I cover falls, the last Hanan shirt, the last umbrella ... And next winter, you will find me wandering the streets naked.

Mahmoud Darwish: My mother once said: He who loves you is the one who saw ninety nine flaws and a beautiful trait; He loved the trait, and left faults.

Gibran Khalil Gibran: The mother is everything in this life, she is the consolation of sadness and hope in despair and strength in weakness.

Voltaire: The mother's stone is the safe place where you can rest your head while you are comfortable.

Islam Shams El-Din: I feel the fullness of my manhood when I bow to your hands to kiss it, and my tears flow out without my control, so I read the looks of contentment in your eyes.

Onsi Al-Hajj: I am ready to barter everything by not losing the mother. This loss pits a hole in the soul that is not replenished.

Beecher: The mother's heart is a child's school.

Gibran Khalil Gibran: Do you know, mom, that I did not think about the departure that people call death, but I found in thinking a strange pleasure and felt an enormous yearning to leave, but I return, and I remember that in my heart a word must be said, and it stuck between my hand and my compulsion and closed the doors in front of me.

Mustafa Lutfi Al-Manfalouti: The mother is the source from which all the emotions of good and benevolence explode on Earth.

Beverly Jones: The Most Efficient Home Appliance Was And Will Be A Mother.

Emily Dickinson: The mother is the person you hurry to when you're in trouble.

Hafez Ibrahim: The mother is a school. If you prepare it ... you prepare a people of good race.

Mary Hopkins: Maternity is the greatest gift that God has given to women.

Robert Frost: The mother spends twenty years to make her son a man, then another woman comes and makes him fool in twenty minutes.

The lame lassine: The mother is an irreplaceable tenderness, sometimes it seems to me that when we love we search in other faces for the mother, a more daring mother, able to go with her love to the maximum, striking the width of the wall with all obstacles.

Shakespeare: The softest pillow in the world is the bosom of a mother.

Napoleon Bonaparte: The woman who shakes the bed with her left, shakes the world with her right.

Maysoon Suwaidan: Did she reach the world without mercy until she separated the girl and the boy, for how long will the pride be, was my father, as if the mother did not become pregnant and did not give birth?

Napoleon: The woman who is shaking the cradle with her right, shaking the world with her left.

Maysoon Suwaidan: Did she reach the world without mercy until she separated the girl and the boy, for how long will the pride be, was my father, as if the mother did not become pregnant and did not give birth?

 Napoleon: The woman who is shaking the cradle with her right, shaking the world with her left.

The late US President Lincoln: I owe everything that I have reached and what I hope to reach from the height to my angel's mother.

Jamal Hussein Ali: Everyone thinks that there is nothing to eat at home, the mother will disappear from their sight for some time, she will prepare the table and satisfy everyone.

Khalil Mutran: If the mother is not a nation, then the nations are mothers.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau: If the world was a man, and my mother would be a man, I would choose my mother.

 Balzac: The mother’s heart is a deep chasm, you will always have forgiveness at the bottom.


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