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Corona Virus It continues to take lives and causes terror and panic in most countries of the world

Corona Virus
It continues to take lives and causes terror and panic in most countries of the world

With a large number of countries and their death

About 360 in China and Asian countries, spread from a number of misconceptions and beliefs, and rumors about the social media on the killer disease around the world.

And because of the Corona Virus outbreak .. China announces its urgent and urgent need for "medical protective masks", after the high number of deaths due to the Corona virus and the high number of infected people.

"What China urgently needs is medical masks, uniforms and goggles," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Shunyang said in a briefing to reporters.

Beijing on Monday criticized Washington for imposing restrictions on Chinese citizens entering its territory due to the Coronavirus, and accused the United States of "causing and spreading panic".

There is no vaccine for corona virus yet
There is a huge international "drug" cooperation to develop a drug for the new corona virus

A quick nap on the floor before resuming work ... no time or place to sleep ... That's how doctors at Corona Hospitals "relax"

Shunyang noted that the United States "did not provide significant assistance" and was "the first to evacuate his consulate crew in Wuhan and talked about partial withdrawal of his embassy staff and imposing entry restrictions on Chinese travelers."

The American magazine "Forbes" stated that what promotes the rapid spread of these misconceptions is "conspiracy theories", unlike the dark side of racism, towards the Asians in general and the Chinese or people of Chinese descent in particular.

While Chinese scientists have suggested that the new Corona virus, which has spread in China and some countries in the world, has originated in bats, just like the SARS virus.

In two scientific papers, published Monday in the Journal Nature, the scientists mentioned that the sequence of the total genetic makeup taken from several patients in Wuhan shows that the new corona virus is closely related to the viruses that cause severe acute respiratory syndrome, known as "SARS".

In one of the two studies, Shi Chen Li and his colleagues, a professor with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, said the sequence of the total genetic makeup taken from 7 patients corresponded to 96 percent of the coronavirus in bats, the Associated Press reported.

It is believed that "SARS" also arose in bats, although it moved to civet cats before it infected people in the global outbreak of the disease that occurred in 2002 and 2003.

Some Chinese scientists have confirmed that they have more evidence that the new virus is likely originating from bats.
As Corona spreads ... misconceptions about the new virus
The latest data related to the new Corona virus
Corona virus .. the latest developments in the deadly disease around the world.

 It is noteworthy that scientists suspect that the latest outbreak of the new corona virus in China started in a seafood market in Wuhan, where wild animals were on sale and in contact with people, but the animal source of the virus has not yet been identified.

"Basically, this virus is a version of SARS that spreads more easily but does less damage," said Ian Jones, professor of virology at University of Reading, who was not familiar with the studies.

"The virus also uses the same receptors, which is the door used to access human cells, which explains the transmission of infection and the cause of pneumonia," Jones said in a statement.

The Health Commission of China's Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak of the Corona virus, said it had registered 56 new deaths from the virus on Sunday night, bringing the number of deaths to 360.

The province also confirmed 2,103 new cases, bringing the total number of injuries to 11,177.

The Chinese authorities had announced that the number of confirmed deaths in the country as a result of the emerging corona virus had risen to 304, after this deadly respiratory virus claimed the lives of an additional 45 people in Hubei Province, the epicenter of the epidemic in the center of the country.

The new toll released by the Hubei Provincial Health Committee showed that the outbreak had accelerated, with 1921 new infections recorded within 24 hours.

While the new virus is believed to have appeared for the first time in a market in Wuhan, where wild animals are sold, it has spread during the Chinese New Year holiday, in which millions of Chinese travel inside and outside the country.

In turn, China took strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus, which included quarantining more than 50 million people in Wuhan and besieging Hubei Province.

As the countries of the world strengthened travel restrictions on arrivals from China, after the World Health Organization declared an international "state of emergency" due to the virus.

In addition, the number of countries that reached the epidemic has increased to more than 20 countries, outside China.

In the context, several countries have sent private aircraft to return their citizens after the outbreak of this epidemic in China.

Among these countries is Germany, which announced that two of its nationals returning from China were infected with the Corona virus.

The local administration in western Germany announced that two passengers who were returned from China on a German army plane, were infected with the new mutated Corona virus.
A German army plane that transported German returnees from the regions of the Corona virus in China

The Ministry of Health in the state of Bavaria, southern Germany, announced yesterday evening Saturday that there is a new infection with the virus in the state, bringing the total cases in Bavaria, and in Germany, eight cases. After my case today, the total number of HIV cases throughout Germany has reached 10.

The German army plane landed at Frankfurt Airport in western Germany, with Germans and citizens of other countries who were in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which is the epicenter of the outbreak of the mutated virus.


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