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Neil Peart | Rush | drummer | dies |aged 67

Neil Peart | Rush | drummer | dies  
aged 67

Neil Burt, a drummer and lyric writer for the Canadian rock 

band, died of brain cancer at the age of ....(67) years. )

Neil Burt,.... a drummer and lyric writer for the Canadian 

rock band, died of brain cancer at the age of ....(67) 


 The musician, who is one of the greatest of all, died on 

Tuesday in Santa Monica, California. Rush, the squad he 

played for 45 years, confirmed his death in a statement 

posted on Twitter. The statement said that Burt, "the 

brother of the soul", was a brain cancer - for three and a

 half years. 

 "With broken hearts and deepest sorrow, our friend 

must have "grown up on Tuesday.

The reason was brain cancer, according to a statement 

by the band's spokesperson, Elliot Mintz.

Rush was formed in 1968 but found her long-term 

identity - like Jedi Lee's singing trio, keyboards and 

bass, Alex Levison on guitars and Mr. Bert on drums - 

after Mr. Bert replaced the band's founding drummer,

 John Rooty, in 1974.

Mr. Bert's lyrics transformed the band's songs into multi-

section wings to explore science fiction, magic and

philosophy, often with the individual and liberal 

sentiments that communicated songs such as "Tom 

Sawyer" and "Frewell". Mr. Bert's drum was complicated

at one time and the explosion, defining individual meters

 and expanding the dynamics of the Triple Power band; 

countless drummers admired his artistic prowess.


He was a Canadian-born drummer with his wife in 

common law, Jacqueline Taylor, for 23 years. And they 

have one child, Selena Taylor, and only 10 months later,

 Jacqueline, who was diagnosed with cancer, 

surrendered to this disease in 1998.

Burt married later, in 2000, and he survived his wife and 

daughter Olivia Louise Burt, who was born in 2009.

Before his death, Bert teased a magazine.

He said of retirement, "It pains me not to realize, like all

 athletes, that there is time ... to get yourself out of the 



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