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How to create a password for a device Computer or laptop

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

  How to create a password for a deviceComputer or laptop

A set of numbers, letters, or a mix between them, which

First ... the password ...

It is formed in order to protect various smart

devices, such as

Laptop, and learning how to create a password is

one of the things

Their privacy, their personal information, and not

to allow any

The important and easy thing that everyone must

learn in order to protect

Someone to see personal data and their secrets,

Remove them, and how to operate the device in case

you forget the password.

In this article, we will show how to set a password

and how


The user account must include a password for


To set a password for your user account

Double-click User Accounts.

Click the Start button and select Control Panel.

Click Create a password for your account and follow the instructions

Select Change Windows Password under Accounts Users.

Appear on the screen.

Third ".... another way to create a password

How to create a password for a laptop, press "Start" in

the bar at the bottom of the screen.

We choose from the list that appears (Control Panel). We

then choose from the list

(User accounts), and by clicking on it we will see

multiple options, then we will press

Create a password for your (account) option or create a


For your account. Fill out the first blank or the new

password, with numbers, letters, or combine them,

Or any password we want to type. We rewrite the secret

in the second space for confirmation in

(Confirm new password). We click on the "Create

password" button or

Create a password when finished. We restart the device

to confirm the success of the word creation process

the secret. Turn on the laptop When you forget the

password, we start the laptop, or

The computer shows us a screen asking us to enter the

user name and password. We press

We have three buttons together: Control, Alt, delete, so a

small screen appears

Requires us to enter a username and password. We write

the word Username

(Administrator), then press (Enter), and then the

computer will enter Laptop

, and there are some laptops that ask you to enter the

password, and in this


We type in (PASSWORD), then (Enter), in this case

We have occupied the device.

We press (Start) in the bar below

the screen. We choose from the list (Control Panel). We

choose then

Click on

(Users accounts) User accounts from that list

Will appear to us. We choose

(Remove your password) or delete the password. We

write a word

Password in the password field. We finally click Remove

Password In this case we removed the password and

reset it

Turn on the laptop

In order to know the success of the process of pelvis.


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