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Remote desktop Control any computer around the world through your device without programs

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Our topic today

Remote desktop

Control any computer around the world through your device without programs

Remote Desktop featureA mother known as (RDP) is available in the past for allWindows released ..........................From it online. Shaving machine for saleMy office, desktop and office device---------------------------
In many situations, you only need access to a deviceThe computer is far from you to solveSome problems or to transfer some files or data or to controlIn your own deviceRemotely from your own device.Not to spy on some devices.(Which is rejected and we do not publish the topicAbout it) but it has to beThis topic is already covered inOur topic.Remote desktopYou can control devices remotely via somePrograms and also without them "by toolIt is an automatic tool "in any version of Windows on your device  The program can be downloaded for free from the official website.                       www.teamviewer.com
---------------------------------------But our topic today is the free program. The program is free and is for personal use and is not used commercially. "How to activate the program that is already on all versions and versions of Windows ..Remote desktopFirst we click on the start icon at the bottom of the Windows screen

From the menu, we choose ... control panal

Then we click on System and Security

Then we press system

Then we click on remote settings to the left of the page

Through remote settings, these will appear

For the menu we will do the second option at the bottom of the screen as it appears

The arrow on it

After all the previous steps, the remote control has already been activated ... but it is necessary to know the name

Your device
The system name will be seen from the previous page, System System page

Also, you must know the password for the device you want

Control it .... and if it doesn't have a password, we make a password

He must be saved and remembered well "because we will need him to enter

To the machine.
If you do not know how to do a password For your deviceI made a post about this topic which is ...
How to create a password for your computer or laptop



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